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Online Archaeology contains an application which uses the freely available Google Map API and was developed to see what could be achieved with the API as an archaeological research tool. It's not intended to be a competing application with any existing archaeology map, but as a means by which archaeological data can be shared across applications via the internet protocols.

If you View the Catalogue you can see the output links to RSS and also generate KML files for each Category so all Items in a Category can be displayed in Google Earth.

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Archaeology and GIS

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Archaeology KML Files
CategoryItemsDownload Google Earth
Airfield KML12 ItemsView Airfield in Google Earth
Anti-Tank Pimples KML2 ItemsView Anti-Tank Pimples in Google Earth
Army Camp KML3 ItemsView Army Camp in Google Earth
Castles KML13 ItemsView Castles in Google Earth
Chain Home Radar KML1 ItemsView Chain Home Radar in Google Earth
Concrete Boom KML1 ItemsView Concrete Boom in Google Earth
Conferences KML12 ItemsView Conferences in Google Earth
England KML26 ItemsView England in Google Earth
Gun Operations Room KML1 ItemsView Gun Operations Room in Google Earth
Mulberry Harbour Yard KML2 ItemsView Mulberry Harbour Yard in Google Earth
Museums KML19 ItemsView Museums in Google Earth
POW Camps KML495 ItemsView POW Camps in Google Earth
Scotland KML2 ItemsView Scotland in Google Earth
SMRs KML45 ItemsView SMRs in Google Earth
Wales KML5 ItemsView Wales in Google Earth
Wars of the Roses KML8 ItemsView Wars of the Roses in Google Earth
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