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Classical Archaeology Books
Classical Archaeology (Wiley Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology)
Classical Archaeology (Wiley ..."
Amazon Price: £23.79
Classical Archaeology (Wiley Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology)
Classical Archaeology (Wiley ..."
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Artifact and Artifice: Classical Archaeology And The Ancient Historian
Artifact and Artifice: Classical ..."
by: Jonathan M. Hall
Amazon Price: £33.84
Roman Roads in Britain (Shire Archaeology)
Roman Roads in Britain (Shire ..."
by: Hugh Marlais Davies
Amazon Price: £6.99
Archaeology and Homeric Epic (Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology)
Archaeology and Homeric Epic ..."
Amazon Price: £36.00
Classical Mythology, International Edition
Classical Mythology, International ..."
by: Mark Morford, Robert ...
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Classical Greece: Ancient Histories: Ancient Histories and Modern Archaeologies (New Directions in Archaeology)
Classical Greece: Ancient Histories: ..."
by: Ian Morris
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The Dodecanese and the Eastern Aegean Islands in Late Antiquity, AD 300-700 (Oxford Monographs on Classical Archaeology)
The Dodecanese and the Eastern Aegean ..."
by: Georgios Deligiannakis
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Atlas of Classical Archaeology
Atlas of Classical Archaeology"
Amazon Price: £12.50
[(Classical Archaeology in the Field: Approaches)] [Author: L.C. Bowkett] published on (April, 2002)
[(Classical Archaeology in the Field: ..."
by: L.C. Bowkett
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UK Archaeology Map - View Category
Name Description View on Map
BRAEMORE Very little is known about this camp and its location. The POWIB records it as being a Working Camp attached to Stobs with the code, Stbs (Bra), but then cites its location wrongly. It should have read Loch Broom, Ullapool and not Loch Doon as stated. Its Telegraphic Address was Priswarian: Braemore, Loch Broom. View on Map
Edinburgh Castle Detention House 1 The present military presence at Edinburgh Castle could not confirm the castle was used to intern PoWs in the First World War. However, the Member of Parliament for the Dunbartonshire Burghs, between the wars, David Kirkwood, provides evidence in his autobiography that the castle was used to intern German and Austrian officers when he wrote of his own internment in Edinburgh Castle. View on Map
EDINBURGH: Redford Barracks Situated in the Colinton district of Edinburgh, it is the largest military installation built in Scotland since Fort George was created 150 years earlier. Built between 1909 and 1915, it was primarily a cavalry barracks. It is still used by the army today. View on Map
Fort George Fort George is prominent landmark that stands on the shores Moray Firth, near to Ardersier that was created in 1769, to suppress any further resistance by the followers of Charles Edward Stuart after the rout of his Jacobite army at Culloden Moor in April 1746. Designed as the base for around 1,600 Hanoverian soldiers supporting George III, it covered some 42 acres. In the 19th Century it became, for a brief time, the property of the Home Office. Then, as a result of the First World War, its military links were restored. View on Map
Perth Prison With no facility available to receive the first enemy aliens arrested under the Defence of The Realm Act, seven individuals from Callender, St Fillan, Pitlochry, and Crieff were detained in Perth Prison. View on Map
STOBS ARMY CAMP COMPLEX: nr Hawick The Jedburgh Gazette (Saturday, 11 October 1902) reported the ruins of Stobs Castle had been purchased, for the country from the Eliott family. The site had formerly been their family home since 1583, and stood in what was estimated to be some 3,600 acres of land. The military established a camp there in 1903. A rail link was created to sidings at Acreknowe, about one mile to the north, which was later extended into the camp itself. View on Map
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