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General Reading

The following titles are all available from English Heritage, and stem from the Twentieth Century Recording Project-

Monuments of War (1998)

Twentieth Century Military Sites (2000)

WD Cockcroft-Dangerous Energy; the Archaeology of Gunpowder & Military Explosives Manufacture (2000)

RJC Thomas-Prisoner of War Camps 1939-48 (2003)

Modern Military Matters (2004)

WD Cockcroft-War Art; Murals & Grafitti (2006)


This next series of titles by Richard & Bridget Larne was commissioned by Lloyd's Register of Shipping, and each volume covers a different area of UK coastline.

Shipwreck Index of the British Isles

This book focusses on Scotland-

IG Wright-Off Scotland; A Comprehensive List of Maritime and Aviation Losses

All of these shipwreck titles record wrecks back to the 12th Century.



Buchan Innes, G:

British Airfield Buildings of the Second World War

(Leicester. Midland Publishing Ltd.1995)


Hell on High Ground vols. 1 & 2

(Shrewsbury. Air-Life Publishing. 1995 & 1999)

Francis, P:

British Military Airfield Architecture

(Yeovil. Patrick Stephen Ltd.1996)

Robertson, B:

Aviation Archaeology

(Cambridge. Patrick Stephen Ltd.1983)

Smith, DJ:

High Ground Wrecks & Relics

(Leicester. Midland Publishing Ltd.1997)

Smith, DJ:

Action Stations Series 1-10

This series was published by Patrick Stephen Ltd between 1983-91, and each volume covered airfields in a different part of the UK.

The following titles are available from English Heritage:

Historic Military Aviation Sites.

Military Aviation Crash Sites.


Dobinson, C-

Fields of Deception; Britain's Bombing Decoys of WW2

(London. Methuen Publishing Ltd. 2000)

AA Command; Britain's AA Defences of the Second World War

(London. Methuen Publishing Ltd.2001)

Foot, W-

Beaches, Fields, Streets & Hills; the Anti-invasion Landscapes of England 1940

(Council for British Archaeology 2006)

Gander, T;

Military Archaeology 

(Cambridge. Patrick Stephens Ltd.1979)

Lowry, B;

Twentieth Century Defences in Britain (Practical Archaeology Handbook #12)

(Council for British Archaeology 2005)

Osborne, M;

Defending Britain; Twentieth Century Military Structures in the Landscape  

(Stroud. Tempus Publishing Ltd. 2004)

Wills, H:

Pillboxes; a Study of UK Defences 1940 

(Leo Cooper.1985)



Battlefield Archaeology; a Guide to the Archaeology of Conflict 

Doyle, P:

The Geology of the Western Front 1914-18

(The Geological Society 1999)

English Heritage:

Conservation Bulletin 44

Laffin, J:

Battlefield Archaeology

(London. Ian Allan Ltd.1987)

Rose, EPF et al:

The Geology of the D-Day Landings in Normandy 1944

(The Geological Society 2003)

Schofield, J:

Combat Archaeology;'the Material Culture of Conflict

(London. Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd. 2005)

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