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Archeologists use GPR for subsurface mapping of the NC Capitol
The first comprehensive geoarchaeological survey of the State Capitol grounds got underway Thursday, with Jacob Turner pushing what looked like a three-wheeled baby stroller back and forth across the
What is this? Any ideas?!
Hi, We found this squiggly stone while out walking on the edge of Salisbury Plain. We have no idea what it is but the children have enjoyed guessing. If anybody else has any idea on what it maybe (
discovery rights
Hi every bodyIf a man find an archaeological site how can fix his claims and how can  keep his discovery rights?Is an organization responsible for this issues?Or is discoverer paid due his archaeologi
Book; Roger Matthews
Hey everyone. In mesopotamian archaeology class, we have to read the 'Roger Matthews - The Archaeology of Mesopotamia'I just want to know if anyone here have read this book, and find it difficult to u
Armada Cannon Ball
The following image is of a cannon ball reported found near the wreck site of an Spanish Armada vessel. This ball is one of a pair, reported found at a depth of less the 6 inches in soil which is for
Archaeology Books
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