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Community Activity
  • October 01

  • Marco

    about 4 years ago View More
    • MarcoMy name is Marco and I have recently discovered something in Eastern Serbia that might be interesting for experienced archaeologists. I have tried to contact some of the archaeologists from Serbia but they have no idea what this represents and the approximate date when this object was made. There are some rumors that near the place where I have discovered this object was Turkish commentary which date from the Ottoman empire. Only 15 km away is famous Gamzigrad (Romulijana) which is an archaeological site under UNESCO world heritage protection. I am sending a photo of the object with hope that you will be kind and professional and provide some feedback. However, if you are not sure what these represent, will be great to introduce someone who might help (your colleague, friend, etc.).

      Looking forward to hear from you and greetings from Serbia
      5:57 AM October 01
  • September 14

  • achilles

    about 4 years ago View More
    • March 28

    • sky

      about 5 years ago View More
      • October 09

      • ArchaeoTourism 2012
        Castle of Thun, Switzerland

        about 5 years ago View More
        • July 19

        • Gareth

          about 5 years ago View More
          • GarethThis item was found in Caerleon, South Wales in the 1980's. Can anyone offer any suggestions to what it is and how old it is? Any contributions welcome. Dimensions 8cm (length) 5cm (width-widest).
            12:32 PM July 19
        • July 03

        • Sybil

          about 5 years ago View More
          • Sybili found this stone on a beach in southern england, it appears to have man made markings it, they are carved into a piece of flint, does anybody have any idea what they are and the possible age?
            4:50 PM July 03
        • June 02

        • maff
          Found this is the Garden

          about 5 years ago View More
          • April 23

          • spacedog

            about 6 years ago View More
            • April 18

            • spacedog

              about 6 years ago View More
              • April 15

              • spacedog

                about 6 years ago View More
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