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Oddities & Discoveries
Questions, interesting finds? Here's the place to discuss basics to finding things in your back yard or out on an adventure. Oddities & Discoveries is an archaeological support group for the beginners, the curious and other general discussion.
  • 25 Members
Archaeology web mapping
This group is for those interested in using web mapping APIs (Google Maps/Bing Maps) for archaeology.
  • 20 Members
Find and share info on the latest digs
  • 17 Members
Military Archaeology
Everything from Prehistoric defences to nuclear bunkers; artefacts, buildings, weapons, earthworks.
  • 15 Members
Maya Research Program
The Maya Research Program is a U.S.-based non-profit organization (501C3) that sponsors archaeological and ethnographic research in Middle America. Each summer since 1992, we have sponsored archaeological fieldwork at the ancient Maya site of Blue Creek in northwestern Belize. In 2011 we again offer opportunities to participate in our field program and learn about the Maya of the past and today. The site of Blue Creek is located on the Rio Bravo escarpment in north-western Belize. Despite its modest size, the strategic location at the head of the Rio Hondo afforded its rulers substantial wealth, prestige, and authority. At its peak, from 200-600 AD, it was a successful city state supporting up to 20,000 inhabitants. Trade and agriculture formed the basis of wealth for Blue Creek leading to a relatively stable social system. However, by 800 AD a major decline is evident with building construction at the core area coming to a halt and termination deposits placed on major architectural features in the site core and surrounding elite residential areas. By 1100 AD the site was almost completely abandoned. (Please see http://www.pasthorizons.com/index.php/archives/03/2011/twenty-years-of-archaeology-at-blue-creek for a brief summary of the work at Blue Creek.) The 2011 season will focus on expanding our understanding of the abandonment and collapse of Blue Creek through excavations of elite residential areas adjacent to the site core of Blue Creek, monumental architecture at the nearby site of Nohol Nah, elite residences at the site of Bedrock, and wetlands agricultural systems. The Blue Creek project is open to student and non-student participants, regardless of experience. The field school is certified by the Register of Professional Archaeologists and participants will receive training in archaeological field and laboratory techniques. (Please see our participant guide for additional information: http://www.mayaresearchprogram.org/web-content/helpdig_form.
  • 4 Members
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