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The Archeoclub di Campobello di Licata organizes the international youth summer camps HAPPENING, from July to September 2013. The programme includes mainly archaeological research and other spare time activities: history, art, culture, music, gastronomy and excursions. It is open to every youngster such as students, researchers, experts and young archaeologists between 18 and 35 years old. The participants can take part in different kinds of archaeological activities such as field-survey, data processing and the recovery of Iachinu Filì, a Bronze Age necropolis reused during the Byzantin age. Campobello di Licata is well known to be the most archaeologically investigated territory in Italy and for its archaeological research. For further information about our association, our initiatives and our archaeological research, contact us or visit our website http://happening.kalat.org/?q=en/home 17/04/2013 08:22:52
Campobello di Licata (AG)
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