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Archaeology of the Bible
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Dear Gawd the Yanks are Here!
Last Post 25 Apr 2008 08:00 PM by JasonHunt. 1 Replies.
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JasonHuntUser is Offline
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New Member
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25 Apr 2008 08:00 PM
Hello all and sundry! My name is Jason, I'm an American (I'll go ahead and apologise and get it out of the way now)living and working in far-off Aberdeenshire. I am Head of Interpretation at Archaeolink Prehistory Park. We focus on education, reconstruction and experimental archaeology covering the prehistoric periods of NE Scotland. How I came to work in archaeology is a long and sordid tale which I will, for time's sake, not relate here. My main interests are the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman periods with particular emphasis on metallurgy, religion/ritual and military. I, along with my staff, do a lot of work with students of all ages, experiments and reconstructions and primitive technology demonstrations. I look forward to chatting with you all! Jason Death Smiles At Us All...All A Man Can Do Is Smile Back
the_historianUser is Offline
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Veteran Member
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25 Apr 2008 08:01 PM
Hi Jason, Welcome on board! I'm in Bannockburn myself; can't say I've ever been to Archaeolink but remember briefly reading about it in archaeology at uni. Regards,Gordon
Regards, Gordon
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