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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Food of the Ancients by Jacqui Wood
By Steve White @ 11:53 AM :: 20926 Views :: 0 Comments :: General Archaeology
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This clay shard is from the Lowland Point excavation showing impressions of bent grasses on it from clay baking food.

These clay fragments that Ms. Wood discovered were clearly not the remains of mud walls, but the remains of clay used to cook food with. "There were too many pieces to think that these were just chance findings", she said. "It became obvious that this culinary practice was a common feature in our forefather’s kitchens." She continued "it was really exciting when I found the first pieces, because it meant that several years of investigation came up trumps for me. This cooking technique was the final piece of the puzzle I had been looking for to discover just what prehistoric cooks were doing thousands of years ago. I then had all I needed to read a paper at the biggest archaeological conference in Europe on my findings. It went down really well, and they published the full paper in their journal the following year."

Cliff Dreamers (Podcast)
A magical stoneage adventure novel written and presented by archaeologist/author Jacqui Wood. Full of mysticism, adventure, coming of age and humour. Set 6000 years ago in northern Europe.

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