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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Food of the Ancients by Jacqui Wood
By Steve White @ 11:53 AM :: 16433 Views :: 0 Comments :: General Archaeology
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An interview with Jacqui Wood the world’s expert in Prehistoric Cooking. How did our prehistoric ancestors cook before we had pots and pans? Well 8,000 years ago you could have clay baked your food! At many archaeological sites in Europe large quantities of crumbly burnt clay has been discovered such as at Lowland Point in Cornwall.

This is a Picture of a 2,000 year old house where clay baking remains were found at Lowland Point, Cornwall, U.K.

Here are some of the clay fragments still in the top soil at Lowland Point.

It was always thought that this was the remains of the mud walls of prehistoric homes. That was until archaeologist Jacqui Wood started her extensive research into prehistoric cooking! She studied thousands of these clay fragments in the dusty basement archives of museums in the U.K. looking for evidence of this cooking practice. She was driven by her female curiosity to really discover what the distant past was really like, and cooking was a good place to start. ‘After all we can all relate to food, can’t we?’ she said. Ms. Wood eventually found what others had over looked, the impressions of animal bones and grasses in the dusty clay pieces.

Cliff Dreamers (Podcast)
A magical stoneage adventure novel written and presented by archaeologist/author Jacqui Wood. Full of mysticism, adventure, coming of age and humour. Set 6000 years ago in northern Europe.

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