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Community Activity
  • 15 January

  • Graham replied to RE: POW Camp, Dorstone
    about 5 months ago Comment
  • 13 January

  • GrahamSLC Good evening, Almost four years on since my last entry. Can you tell me if anyone ever dis a study of the Dorstone POW Camp that my Dad was in? Thanks
    about 5 months ago
    • Graham replied to RE: POW Camp, Dorstone
      about 5 months ago Comment
    • 01 February

    • Rexcornus updated profile.
      a year ago
    • 23 October

    • Gmradar created the topic: Archeologists use GPR for subsurface mapping of the NC Capitol
      about 2 years ago Comment
    • 26 July

    • Grahamthe_historian Do you know how I can contact Sarah catterall. She was looking into my fathers past at Dorstone POW Camp. Thanks Graham
      about 2 years ago
      • the_historianSorry Graham, I'm no longer active on here. However, there's a research group on Facebook called PoW Underground, of which I am an admin. You might try joining and posting your query, some of our members might have the answer-
        10:04 PM 26 July
    • 06 May

    • Sennari Medusa This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth From 'The dictionary of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'. ■Medusa http://sora.ishikami.jp/jiten/index...0406185600 《image》 "Though water flows from a faucet vigorously, the fingers of someone block the faucet." The meaning of it is as follows. ------------------------------------------------------------- "Those who blocked the faucet are the stars which were hostile to Stone gods. Those are the big stars with names (constellation). As faucet (the hole of Stone gods) was blocked, the juice of Stone gods stopped flowing out and Stone gods died off. The hair of Medusa are not snakes but the children of eel. http://www31.tok2.com/home2/slicer21/20060507070335.jpg The children of eel express the nerves in the spine and those nerves are connected with the brain. Though Medusa have the scary face, she expressed nerves are connected with the brain desperately as she found she would soon be solidified. ------------------------------------------------------------- I, Ms Taeko Shiraki, found Stone human who turned into Medusa was crying as she was said to be the villain in the Greek myths. ------------------------------------------------------------- I have not been able to inform about it until now. " ------------------------------------------------------------- (Tears come out when I got the signal in the right pinky.) http://sora.ishikami.jp/diary/index.php?id=20060507165849 For more info please refer to the following site. http://www31.tok2.com/home2/slicer21/5-175.html
      about 3 years ago
      • 28 April

      • Sennari The memo of my experience(supernatural power and others)  By Ms Taeko Shiraki Oct. 13, 2006 As I thought it was very important, I took notes when I suffered from depression. As the most powerful power of the stars including Pleiadenai(=Pleiades) ruled the earth in 1997, various kind of supernatural power and channeling got in fashion in the world. The gurus of religious cults like Asahara Shyoukou were ruled by them, and they were actually able to work miracles.) I was said by Mr. Yoshida Takashi, "You were the woman like Mother in Atlantis" when I met him in a meeting for the first time in 1997. Oddly enough, I was not surprised so much without knowing why even if I might hear what was told by him. Mr. Yoshida Takashi lived in Nagoya at that time. However the watch got shiny when he held it in his hand. In addition, the stone of broach which was too small and which didn't shine at all began to shine when he held it in his hand and suplied the energy to it. It began to shine as if a small diamond had been put in the ring. What I was surprised at more was an emerald which had been cut in order to make it a ring. It began to grow big suddenly when he held it in his hand and supplied energy. Therefore it became so big that it was felt unnatural in shape when it was turned into the ring. And he made the bar of the crystal thick or thin as if it had been the clay. (When I saw this, I thought the skull of crystal was formed into the shape while it was soft by the supplying energy sent by the Ruler's Stars. For more info please refer to the following site. http://www51.tok2.com/home/slicer93...5-811.html
        about 3 years ago
        • Sennari Vision of Eye of Horus  By Ms Taeko Shiraki Feb 13, 2015 Vision http://sora.ishikami.jp/image_dir/images/2015/20150213182542.jpg Vision ----------------------------------------- "The bunch of the vertical lines which is depicted like a black stick at the lower right, go up from bottom to top and they become the whirlpool which starts from bottom. Then the whirlpool which starts from top, shows up at the upper left. It's Origin of universe. And next the pattern like the collection of flower petals are made at the diagonally downwards." ------------------------------------------- The meaning of the above vision is as follows. ----------------------------------------- "The thoughts of pain of Stone gods in the underground come out on the ground. They become the whirlpool which starts from bottom and they become the Brother of Origin of universe. Origin of universe is the whirlpool which started from top and if Origin of universe and Brother of Origin of universe get along with each other, the aggregation of flower petals appears and it shows peace will visit. ----------------------------------------- As long as people don't admit atoms which support us in the underground, have consciousness, it means the peace of the earth will not visit us. The whirlpool under Eye of Horus shows Brother of Origin of universe and it also shows the painful thoughts of Stone gods come out from the underground cavity in the nostril, they gather together on the ground and they become Brother of Origin of universe. The upper line of Eye of Horus expresses eyelashes and eyebrows. Eyelashes are ma-tuge in Japanese. Eyebrows are ma-yuge in Japanese. Both ma-tuge and ma-yuge start from ma. Ma means the devilish in Japanese and they show they are doing mischief in order not to be seen from the sky. The petals depicted at the lower left began to fall down. It may show the project in the universe has beem fulfilled as Origin of universe and Brother of Origin of universe wer
          about 3 years ago
          • Sennari One-eye on one dollar bill shows Devil   By Ms Taeko Shiraki Do the visitors of this site know I'm a channeler? There happened an accident of the stop of the engine of one side of an aeroplane in Taiwan the other day. This accident informs it is impossible for a plane to keep the normal flight with only a single engine. It also informs that normal judgement can't be accomplished with only an one-eye. I have pointed out the one-eye on the one dollar bill shows Devil. Eye of Providence http://ul.lc/5cku" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://ul.lc/5cku" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://ul.lc/5cku" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://ul.lc/5ckuhttp://ul.lc/5cku" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://ul.lc/5cku" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://ul.lc/5cku" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://ul.lc/5cku The other day I informed the arrow of Sagittarius. I was informed through the channeling to have an image for shooting an arrow of Sagittarius to this one-eye of Devil. The reason why the one-eye shows Devil is that Devil doesn't want to see his own figure in the world of subconsciousness. Therefore Devil has the one-eye in order to see only the real world without seeing the world of subconsciousness. People have come to keep the trend of caring the visual effects extraordinary in these days. It can be well understood by the too many advertisements of CM recently. In contrast two big eyes appeared in the vision previously. The vision showed it is important to see the world of subconsciousness as well as the world of consciousness. Feb. 6 I woke up as I felt itchy on the right wrist and the pinna. The channeling has started. You are all set to shoot an arrow. Please shoot an arrow to one-eye on one dollar bill. The ruling by the demon will be stopped by it. I pointed out one-eye is the mark of Devil. The falcon which was called Horus had two eyes. However the evil brother of the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) changed them to one-eye and generated Devil. The evil brother of the Ohmoto is shown by the prolonged whirlpool. It is the picture of hieroglyphs in Egypt that shows it. (The existence of the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) is shown by the whirlpool.) Eye of Horus http://ul.lc/5ckw" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://ul.lc/5ckwhttp://ul.lc/5c
            about 3 years ago
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