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Archaeology Blogs

This is an aggregated collection of entries from archaeology blogs. The list is comprised of blogs from:

  • Past Horizons - written by Maggie and David (BAJR)
  • BAJR - written by David (BAJR)
  • ArchaeoGeek - written by Jo Cook, Information Systems Coordinator, Oxford Archaeology
  • Online Archaeology - written by Steve White
  • Theoretical Structural Archaeology - written by Geoff Carter

If you want to nominate a blog to be included in this aggregated list please get in touch.

Archaeology Blogs
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Portable GIS v4

Here’s a quick and overdue announcement to say that I’m making a new version of Portable GIS available today, including QGIS 2. Consider this one a beta release, since I really want to upgrade PostGIS and GDAL when I get time. Additional upgrades in this version: Astun Technology’s Loader has been upgraded to the latest version, and Psycopg2 is now included.

Before you click on the link, please take time to read the main Portable GIS page, and also do me the favour of reporting any problems that you find at the portable GIS google group, or via Twitter. If you can provide me with a screenshot of an error, and let me know the exact version of Windows that you’re using, then I’ll do my best to fix.

You can pick up the beta version here. This is a dropbox link, so if it’s not available, then I’ve exceeded my bandwidth for the moment, so please try again later.

I hope to get a release out fairly soon with PostGIS 2.1 and GDAL 1.10, but this is not my day job so bear with me!

28 Feb 2017
Theoretical Structural Archaeology
Virtual Archaeology Quiz with Real Prize
What is the first thing you would teach an archaeologist?

After 150 page views with no guesses - and as a tacit acknowledgement of this venal and wicked world -  I am raising the stakes by offering a real prize to a virtual quiz.

**  The Prize  ** 

The Prize is this beautiful and valuable Corinthian oinochoe hand painted in a Wild Goat Style by a real Greek craftsman, with a genuine TPQ date of 550 bc,  it comes complete with lead seal guaranteeing its inauthenticity and Free Worldwide Postage to the lucky winner. 

The Question

What would you would  teach in lesson 1 - paragraph 1 - to your new student or employee about archaeology?
The first steps are an important moment on the path to being an archaeologist, so where would you start?

Or perhaps, what were you taught first on your first day in archaeology?  

Please feel free to confide, speculate reminisce or guess in comments below.

All answers may be marked out of 10 and the first to the correct answer will win the prize [1].

The Prize - a Corinthian oinochoe height 95 mm  [N.109] 

[1] Marked for conformity to the appropriate marking framework draw up in accordance with a subsequent clue provided or in relation the usual regulations, and in particular, those pertaining under the remit of the Sub-committee for Arbitrary Subjectivity as constituted in accordance with the accepted practices of Non-Accountability Policy Commission at the  Examinations Board of Tyneside University, produced in association with Bet-your-life Educational Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of G4S Premium Pedagogy [China] inc. of Panama [2];  Your life may be at risk if fail to choose the correct option.
[2] All apparent acronyms are entirely fabricated from existing letters, which are coincidental with publicly available and locally sourced generic alphabets, and notwithstanding any intrinsic plausibility, are works of fiction and as such are inherent deniable with no intentional resemblance to any existing, co-existing, non-existing or metaphorical abbreviations. 
14 Jan 2017
Past Horizons
British archaeologists fight with Italian farmer to save ancient aqueduct
In January father and son team Edward and Michael O’Neill discovered the headwaters of the aqueduct, which was built by the Emperor Trajan, hidden beneath a crumbling 13th century church north of Rome. A sophisticated example of Roman hydraulic engineering, the aqueduct, known as the Aqua Traiana, was inaugurated in 109AD and carried fresh water […]
06 Jun 2010
All change!
As you may have noticed, BAJR Blogging has remained unloved since December. This is because of the shiney new BAJR Federation site… http://www.bajrfed.co.uk get along there and enjoy…  with news, galleries and forum to keep you up to date and … Continue reading
09 Feb 2010
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